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Brief History of Nepal


Nepal has had a string of Shah rulers from 1723 till 2008. 1742 saw a Shah King from a place called Gorkha winning over the states around his Kingdom.

By 1769, he conquered over three Malla Kingdoms within the Kathmandu Valley and was successful in uniting a Nepal with a multitude of caste and culture.

In years that followed he extended the territory further. Somewhere between these Shah rulers, the Rana regime happened for 104 years. However, the Shah dynasty revived and continued till 2008.


Today as Nepal attempts to walk the path of a republic federal regime, it moves forward collecting a rich history of the different dynasties, people, and the varying customs practiced in the Nation over time.


Nepal now, is an amalgam of decades long co-existence of many sentiments and practices. A mystical country, Nepal continues to evolve.