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Key Facts of Nepal




 Did You Know?


·         Eight of the fourteen eight-thousanders are located in Nepal.


·         Spiny Babler, a rare species of bird, is only found in Nepal.


·         Mount Everest, the Highest Peak in the world is in Nepal.


·         Nepal has eight of the ten highest mountains in the World.


·         Gautam Buddha was born in Lumbini.


·         Pashupatinath, the world’s largest temple of Lord Shiva, the Hindu deity, is in Kathmandu.


·         Nepal is the second richest country in water resources (after Brazil). Nepal has 83,000 mega watts of hydro-                             power potentiality. However till now only 2 percent of the total production capacity of hydro- electricity has been put to                use.


·         Supposedly the Yeti lives in the Himalayan mountain range of Nepal, which is also the tallest range of mountains in                the world.