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 Finding Accommodation in Nepal is not a problem. If you choose to stay in hotels, depending on your budget and interests, you can book yourself into places that are regular as per global standards or exquisitely cultural in ambience and which offer a chance to get a rich taste of Nepal in terms of hospitality, food or feel.


Reservations can be made online, via phone calls or on spot. Should you choose to stay in resorts, you can be assured that Nepal has the most exclusive of resorts. If you want a holiday in the middle of lush green, or interested in spa, golfing, nature walks, tours in the wilderness, there are resorts in the outskirts of the capital city, on the little hill stations, in the city of Pokhara and many other places across Nepal.


Whether you are looking to enjoy an Ayurvedic spa, play golf in the greenest of stretches, enjoy authentic cultural performances, enjoy picture perfect sunsets from hill stations, or go on a wildlife safari in the lowland plains of Terai, there is always a place which offers service exclusive to exactly what you want. 


Another alternative residential option for tourists and visitors would be Home stay or accommodation as paying guests. Home stays are getting popular lately; especially among those who visit Nepal on short term projects.


If your stay exceeds a regular visitor's stay but is not long enough that requires you to put a home together, it is very reasonable to stay in numerous bed and breakfast places in the city or to stay as paying guests with Nepali families.


Should you decide to stay with families, you would gain firsthand acquaintance with the ways of the Nepali people. Nepalese are very hospitable in general. Therefore, once a few ground rules are established as per your needs, home stays or accommodation as paying guests can be very comfortable.



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