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Signature Dishes


As Nepal is so culturally and geographically diverse, among other things it has also resulted in there being a variety of exquisite authentic Nepali cuisines based on varying ethnicity, soil and climate across the country. Here we have listed a few cuisine and beverage varieties widely popular among our local people, visitors and commercial eateries across Nepal.


Nepali Thali: Dal-bhat-tarkari is eaten throughout the country. In hotels/restaurants, it is popularly known as Nepali Thali. It consists of; Dal (Lentil Soup), Bhat (Cooked White Rice), Tarkari (Vegetables), Saag (Green Leafy Items), Maasu (Spicy Chicken or Mutton Curry), Golbheda ko Achaar (Tomato Pickle), Dahi (Yogurt) etc. 



Choila: Choila basically is grilled meat seasoned with a variety of spices, herbs and a dab of hot mustard oil. It is essentially a Newari dish but is widely popular among the Nepalese and visitors alike. Traditionally popular with the meat of water buffalo, you can have chicken and duck Choila as well.



Chataamari: Chataamari is a kind of rice crepe. It is essentially a Newari dish. Also known as the Newari Pizza, the base is made up of rice flour. Not keeping merely to those who come from Newari culture, this dish is widely popular among people in Kathmandu and also in other parts of Nepal.  



Chicken Chilli: It would be hard to find a restaurant in Kathmandu that does not have this dish listed on its menu. Chicken chilli and pronounced in that order, is a very popular dish in Nepal. It is basically boiled or grilled chicken stir fried together with spicy curry consisting of Spanish onions, tomatoes, green bell peppers and green chilli.


Momos: Momos are these little dumplings of meat wrapped in flour that may look very similar to Tibetan dumplings. However in taste, these are completely distinct and very authentically Nepali. These dumplings are to be dipped in chutney and taken. Momo chutney is either mild with crushed sesame and tomato or very spicy with tomato, chilli and herbs.


Sekuwa: Sekuwa is meat roasted in log-fire in a very traditional style. Prior to roasting it, the meat is marinated in a selection of herbs, spices and other necessary ingredients. Sekuwa could be of pork, mutton, chicken, buffalo meat etc. Though popular throughout Nepal, it is essentially considered to be one of the regular food items in eastern Nepal.


Chaang: Chaang is a kind of homemade beer. Barley, millet (finger-millet) or rice is used to brew the drink. The making is similar if not the same in most of the places. Chaang is made by passing hot water through the fermenting barley, and is then served in a big pot and drunk through a wooden straw. This brew tastes like ale. Alcohol content is quite low, but it produces an intense feeling of heat and well-being.



Jaand: Barley, millet (finger-millet) or rice is used to brew Jaand. It refers to the turbid liquor obtained by leaching out the extract with water from the fermented mash. Unlike Chaang, it is liberally served in large mugs. Jaand has low alcohol content but really heats up the body. It is ideal for enduring temperatures which go well below freezing in winter.



Hot Lemon with Honey: While opting for a non-caffeinated non-alcoholic beverage for the cold season, Hot Lemon with Honey is what most of us go for here. Available in almost every restaurant across the country, it is a healthy choice for an anytime hot beverage.



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