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10 Dec 2015


In Search for Tiger on Mountain Bikes


It is that time of the year again when I take my annual pilgrimage to the warmer land of Terai. Read my last year’s story on why I am skeptical that I will see a Tiger in Chitwan National Park but still I try each time to see the Big Cat. This time, I chose to be on bicycles! Yeah you heard it right, I rode 30 kilometers deep into the jungles to have an encounter with a Royal Bengal Tiger.

Mountain Biking in Kasara

Kasara Resort does not fail to surprise me each time I visit them. This time, there was a nice surprise waiting for me when I arrived at the resort. After a gourmet lunch of pan seared Fish and vegetables prepared by the resident chef, I sorted out my biking outfit, camera and GPS recorder. This is my first ever ride in the Jungles of Chitwan so I was very excited at the prospect of touring the forest on two wheels. My guide asked me how fast should we ride, Sir? I told him as fast as he can. Little did he know that I am a mountain biker as well.






Tiger Paws Marks

Soon we left the resort behind and peddled through the villages on jeep tracks, entering the National Park boundary and I must tell you – our real thrills begin. We immediately saw many crocodiles basking in the sun by the river beach. Spotted Deers gallop away meters from your track. 

Tiger Marks in Chitwan

Suddenly my guide asks me to stop and look at the tire marks on the road. I dismounted from the bike and took a closer look, it is again that elusive Tiger just leaving his paws marks behind for me to watch. He tells me it is a fresh paws mark that he must still be around. I am not convinced that he would still be around waiting for me to say “Hello.” I must admit the paws marks are plausible though.


Kids in Chitwan

Anyway, time to head back to the resort via some colorful villages waving at friendly kids. Stopping by occasionally to 

take pictures with them and sharing laughter. Finishing the day with a chilled beer. Thumbs up to Kasara’s new activity – mountain biking the Chitwan National Park.


Words and Photos : Sunil C. Sharma






Deer in Chitwan while cycling

Mountain Biking KasaraLake in Chitwanriding Chitwan


Biking Chitwan National Park