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11 Nov 2015

Yak Ru Pro Game


When most of the nation is reeling under the effect of fuel crisis and low productivity,  one Nepali company which focuses on promoting Nepal has released Pro version of Android Mobile game which is the successor of Yak Ru The Game Version 1. “After successfully entertaining the world with version 1, we were encouraged to develop the version 2 which is a Pro version” says the managing director of NepalSutra, Mr. Sunil Chandra Sharma.

The game has incorporated  In-App purchases to enhance gaming  experiences. So go on Play the game, save some Yaks and feel good.  Your In-App purchases would help Nepalese developers sustain their livelihood and build professional career in the gaming industry. They have developed this mobile App game entirely using Nepalese resources, from concept to finish. The Android version can be downloaded from this link


How to Play the Game:

The game is simple to play. All you have to do is move the rider up or down and tap the screen to release a horn to oncoming Yaks of various colors. As you save more yaks, you will enter various terrains. Along the way, you will encounter Yaks which are carrying bicycle parts on their backs. You must give horns to these Yaks and in return, they will give you bicycle parts. When you collect all the bicycle parts (total 6 of them), you get to mount on a bike. Once mounted on a bike, you will be more powerful and you can save more Yaks.

Game owner: