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9 May 2013




NEW !!!  Yak Attack 2013 VIDEO released on 09 May 2013











Overall Result: Stage-10



FIRST. Narayan Gopal Maharjan (Nepal) Sponsored by: ED Menzies - Duration: 21:24:51 (Hr:Min:Sec)
SECOND. Ajay Pandit Chetri (Nepal) Sponsored by: ED Menzies - Duration: 22:02:49 (Hr:Min:Sec)
THIRD. Aayaman Tamang (Nepal) Sponsored by: NorthCentral University P/b Nepali Tea Traders Cycling Team - Duration: 24:53:14 (Hr:Min:Sec)
4. Zbigniew Mossoczy (Poland) - Sponsored by: Duration: 25:07:13 (Hr:Min:Sec)
5. Roan Tamang (Nepal) Sponsored by: Team New Zealand Gene Colon + Friends - Duration: 25:13:04 (Hr:Min:Sec)
6. Keith Green (UK) - Duration: 25:51:04 (Hr:Min:Sec)
7. Robert Burnett (USA) Sponsored by: North Central University P/b Nepali Tea Traders Cycling Team - Duration: 26:01:14 (Hr:Min:Sec)
8. Mangal Krishna Lama (Nepal) Sponsored by: Keith Green, Jeremy Soawyer - Duration: 26:27:49 (Hr:Min:Sec)
9. Sonya Looney (USA) - Duration: 26:42:27 (Hr:Min:Sec)
10. Jeremy Soawyer (Australia) - Duration: 27:07:41 (Hr:Min:Sec)
11. Thor Lochell (USA) NorthCentral University P/b Nepali Tea Traders Cycling Team - Duration: 27:27:33 (Hr:Min:Sec)
12. Steve Hammer (Australia) Duration: 27:31:50 (Hr:Min:Sec)
13. Tyler MacMahon (UAS) Duration: 28:16:19 (Hr:Min:Sec)
14. Keny Oxenham (New Zealand) Duration: 28:18:25 (Hr:Min:Sec)
15. Des Hendry (UK) Duration: 28:22:21 (Hr:Min:Sec)
16. Jon Sturman (UK) Duration: 28:24:11 (Hr:Min:Sec)
17. Rajan Bhandari (Nepal) Sponsored by: North Central University P/b Nepali Tea Traders Cycling Team - Duration: 28:27:34 (Hr:Min:Sec)
18. Santosh Rai (Nepal) Sponsored by: Zoltan Keller Peter Butt Duration: 28:50:37 (Hr:Min:Sec)
19. Stephan Edwards (UAS) Duration: 30:00:45 (Hr:Min:Sec)
20. Andrew Pellowe (New Zealand) Duration: 30:31:25 (Hr:Min:Sec)
21. Uwe Schoenberger (Germany) Duration: 35:19:29 (Hr:Min:Sec)
22. Richard Williams (UK) Duration: 35:21:52 (Hr:Min:Sec)
23. Richard Parks (UK) Duration: 36:21:00 (Hr:Min:Sec)
24. Zoltan Keller (Hungary) Duration: 36:40:30 (Hr:Min:Sec)
25. Andre Deplechin (France) Duration: 37:49:08 (Hr:Min:Sec)
26. Matthias Schneider (Germany) Duration: 37:50:00 (Hr:Min:Sec)
27. Laxmi Magar (Nepal) Sponsored by: The Darren Holloway Young Athlete Fund Duration: 37:56:10 (Hr:Min:Sec) 
28. Steve Edwards (UK) Duration: 39:10:12 (Hr:Min:Sec)
29. Peter McUtchen: Did Not Finish
30. Brain Sweat: Did Not Finish
31. Eric Secher: Did Not Finish
32. Neil Cottam: Did Not Finish
33. Yuki Ikeda: Did Not Finish
UPDATES: Anugya Mishra


Latest Yak Attack Update: Day 11
Peter McUtchen from Australia met with an accident 30 km down from Jomsom, near a river named Boksi Khola.
He suffered an injury on his neck. A doctor on mountain bike was also riding close by, who attended to him and made sure he did not bleed out from his wound.
30 minutes later the Medic Van reached them. The medics attended to McUtchen and put in 4, 5 stitches on his wound. Now he is in a better shape.
Right now, he is doing good, but he shall not be continuing the race from this point. He went to Tatopani in the Medic Van, and from there, went back to Pokhara in an ambulance to run further health checkups, to ensure his conditions are perfectly fine. 
TOP 3 for DAY 11 (Race from Kagbeni to Tatopani)
1. Ajay Pandit Chhetri (Nepal)
2. Narayan Gopal Maharjan (Nepal)
3. Zbigniew Mossoczy (Poland)
UPDATES: Aparajita Acharya



TOP 3 for DAY 10



1. Ajay Pandit Chhetri

2. Narayan Gopal Maharjan

3. Keith Green








Once again, our riders woke up with the birds. By 5:45 they were ready to hand over their luggage to the porters who would be carrying those today to the night's stop. The porters headed out much early to make good time, while the race, shall begin at 9 a.m. sharp.
Today's camp is Thorang Phedi, the base to the much hyped Thorang La Pass. The support team, who would be on foot today, left with the porters.  Thorang Phedi is 16 kilometers away, but at high altitude. Today's uphill and the altitude, shall require the riders to dig in to the reserves of what they mastered, in the best of their trainings. The ride is going to be much slower today. 
Meanwhile, the support team is already at an hour uphill from Manang, where fresh snow has begun to hit them! Those on foot are aptly clothed to fight the chills and the damp.  The bikers though, are definitely going to be hard hit. For they can only have so much on them, while cycling uphill - battling with the elevation, the altitude - and now the snow....


TOP 3 for DAY 9


1. Narayan Gopal Maharjan

2. Ajay Pandit Chhetri

3. Mangal Tamang



STORY: Aparajita Acharya



Yak Attack DAY 8 - REST DAY - Extra R and R ...

Wonder what the experts recommend for our indomitable Yak Attack riders on the 8th Day of this mountain bike stage race in the Annapurnas? Extra R and R. It is time for them to pause, and build on their strengths to match their spirits. Prepare to pounce back and meet Thorang La Pass head on, on two wheels!
Thus for today,  the bikes have been put to rest. Everyone is on foot and caught up in the mysteries of Manang. The district has amazing sights that your beauty-hungry eyes could never get enough of. The breathtakingly beautiful Gangapurna lake lies in Manang. There is also the very tranquil Manang Gompa for those who want to touch base with their spiritual sides while on this journey. The journey so far, has been nothing short of miraculous.
But ofcourse not much can be done on an empty stomach. That's why in between everything else, our riders and support team are frequenting the Tilicho Bakery in Manang to grab a bite of their excellent cakes and bakes. The little place is buzzing with cheerfulness as our Yak Attack enthusiasts excitedly plan for tomorrow ....



STORY:  Aparajita Acharya



Into the Wild and Going Green - The NorthFace Yak Attack 2013



Stage 6 led the cyclists to Chame, where they were to stop for the night and wake up to yet another tough race day. After an arduous ride, it was a relief for the cyclists to have finally arrived at Chame.
The riders were hopeful that they would get to charge their phones the minute they set foot in Chame and tell their families and friends about the adventure and how they were coping.
To their dismay, they reached the stop only to discover that since the past 3 days, the place suffered from power cuts. And ofcourse, no electricity meant drained out phone batteries - very disappointing for them all.
The team’s luggage vehicle was a couple of hours behind the racers. As soon as the luggage arrived, Sunil C. Sharma from NepalSutra™ set up the Goal Zero Solar charging station and everyone on the team was able to charge their mobile phones!
Goal Zero is helping the riders and the support team stay connected with their loved ones back home.
Goal Zero! The power of renewable energy supporting the 7th NorthFace Yak Attack 2013! 
STORY: Aparajita Acharya 




Yak Attack DAY 6 Begins …


Taal, 7th March 2013


(Part I)


It is Day 6 of the Yak Attack Race. 


Yesterday tested the mettle of quite a few of our excellent riders. 



During the group ride from Besi Sahar to Taal, the race had gotten the better of Yuki, Andy, Brian, Steve Edwards ( USA) and Laxmi (female rider, Nepal).


However, after a good night's sleep, they have risen to stronger and recovered selves and are back to feeling top notch!


Yuki from Japan though, is still unwell. He seems to have caught a viral stomach flu. He was picked up by the rescue van half way through yesterday's group ride and even today, he shall not be on two wheels.


The 3 doctors in the advanced logistics party are keeping a close eye on Yuki. Whether Yuki continues in the race or shall retreat from the next point depends on how well his health recovers by the end of the day.


Last year, a male rider from USA, Jeff, had suffered a similar condition and decided to discontinue the race midway.


The wise shall agree. Health is wealth.




(Part II)





The riders have arrived at Chame, which shall be today's stop. They had taken off exactly at 9:00 a.m from Taal.


Narayan Gopal Maharjan (Nepal) made good time and arrived at the finishline first at 10:51:03 (Hr:Min:Sec), Ajaya Pandit Chettri was right behind him at 10:54:33 (Hr:Min:Sec) and Aayman Tamang followed suit at 11:10:47 (Hr:Min:Sec).




Roads Make Their Way Into Manang


We are back to having internet access today, as the Yak Attack riders ended their race at Chame, Manang. Chame is the headquarters of Manang, and has banks, and government offices, and yes, internet access. The town was also buzzing when we arrived as Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai had just left after addressing the Manang District Council here.


Today's race started from Taal, our home last night, where there was no connectivity. So a bit about yesterday: Yesterday's race was cancelled because the Nepal Army was blasting stones as part of road construction in this segment. Instead, Yak Attackers rode as a group from Besi Sahar to Chame and continued on the group ride once the road opened. Taal is a tourist town on the banks of the Marsyangdi, with a beautiful waterfall in the background.


It is also a town that probably won't be around for long, becoming a reservoir for the Upper Marsyangdi hydroelectricity project. Expansion of motorable roads makes this year's Yak Attack different from last year's. More of the race is rideable, but of course new challenges spring up; there were quite a few slippery muddy tracks left by the jeeps.


Right now, the jeeps can only come up to Chame, but if there are bridges in Chame and Dhukur Pokhari, they will be able to go all the way to the town of Manang. I took the jeep up to Temang and then walked to Chame. Signs welcoming me into a "Himali Autonomous Region" were everywhere on the houses and rocks.


I passed the village of Koto. Interestingly, in this mountain village, a huge sign declared that horses and donkeys were prohibited. I did notice that the road through Koto was relatively free of yak and donkey poop. The views, as always, were amazing. We could see Manaslu for the first half of the journey, and then Annapurna II almost all the way into Chame. The general health of the group of riders is much better. Two of the riders who were down with the stomach flu: Brian Sweat and Laxmi Magar, felt well enough to ride today.


Yuki Ikeda is still unwell, but looking better. Hopefully he will recover by tomorrow. Tomorrow the race moves on to Manang (the town, not the district). We will be going higher and higher as we come to the second half of the highest mountain bike race in the world. The riders will also have an acclimatization and rest day there. We will be updating as much as connectivity allows. Onwards and upwards it is for The North Face Yak Attack 2013.


Find more DAY 6 PHOTOS in our FB Page


STORY: Aparajita Acharya (as conveyed over the phone by Sunil C. Sharma, from Taal, where there in no internet access); Mamata Pokharel (Part III - from Chame)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Mithila Jariwala; Samir Jung Thapa

Graphics: Bishnu Baniya, Prabin Koirala; Page Updates & Backend Support: Aparajita Acharya.




The Team Spirit - Group Riding on Day 5


Yak Attack Day 5 was very different.


First day of the pre-declared nationwide strike, the roads in Besi Sahar, from where the race was supposed to continue today, were extraordinarily quiet. Besi Sahar being a town area, it isn't unusual for the effects of the bandh/strike to be prominently significant here, so the team decided to get a head start.  


Normally, only the route markers would leave the night-stay point really early in the morning. But today, the advanced logistics team left as early as 6 a.m. together with the route markers.

That also meant the riders had to get their luggage ready and drop those off at the reception area by 5:30. Following a little bit of early morning hustle and bustle, everything in order - the advanced logistics party left at 6 am.


Even for the riders, today stood apart from the series of competitive days that had gone by - and probably those that shall follow, in this 10-day long stage race that shall make a round on the Annapurna circuit.

For one, with snags & hurdles impacting the stage race, the day started off really late for the riders - as late as 10:30 a.m. Then, roads at a point were closed off by the army officials for major construction work.


On top of it, there was this looming unspoken fear of the nationwide strike/bandh.


In conclusion, the officials and riders together decided that today, they would do a group ride and not a competitive race.


On a completely different note, it was lucky that the advanced logistics party had headed out by 6 in the morning. While on their way, they met with a tractor, that had veered off the road and fallen 20 meters down from the roadhead. Two locals were injured, one a lot more than the other.

The 3 doctors in the advanced vehicle administered first-aid care to the injured and called the town for further help before continuing on their journey.


This was day 5 in the series of The NorthFace 10-Stage Yak Attack 2013.


The mighty riders with their support team are now headed for Taal. Destination next.




Find more DAY 5 PHOTOS on our FB Page:


CREDITS: STORY: Aparajita Acharya (as conveyed by Sunil C. Sharma over the phone while on his way to Taal); Photos: Samir Jung Thapa, Sunil C. Sharma; Graphics: Bishnu Baniya, Prabin Koirala; Page Updates & Backend Support: Aparajita Acharya.





Yak Attack Day 4 - Part I

The North Face Yak Attack Day 4 is well under way against a foggy morning over at Gorkha and a fuel crisis.
As our route markers and the photographers have to get ahead of everyone on their motorbike, we are faced with this huge snag.
We are scrambling everywhere with Jerrycans to see if we can get any petrol from any source. We tried at least 5 petrol pumps but no luck!!
At Turture, our very resourceful Ratna Man does some sweet talk and manages to get 12 litres of fuel for the bikers. Bravo!! 
We crossed the Finish Line and met with Ang Gelu Sherpa who is in the advanced team to set up the route and do time keeping. A big Salute to the advance team, without them this kind of race is not possible.
More stories to follow… Stay Tuned
Part II
Today was a day of stiff, neck-to-neck competition among the riders. In previous stages, the riders would arrive quite far apart. Here, they were within seconds of each other; making it very exciting for us spectators.
I was walking up the hill when I saw Narayan Gopal and Ajaya Pandit Chhetri, racing side by side towards me, on their way to the Marsyangdi river valley of Palungtar. A while later, the indomitable Sonya Looney was racing the boys in the lush river valley. 
Once they crossed the Marsyangdi river into Turture, the riders hit the main road, and had to deal with traffic all the way into Besi Sahar, about half the race.
The Marsyangdi river is among the tougher and more beautiful white water rafting destinations in Nepal, and the views were amazing during the latter half of the ride, with the asphalt track winding along the river. 
Back to the morning. Today's section started with a downhill, and the format was changed, with riders leaving every 30 seconds. Aayman Tamang, the young Nepali rider had crashed on this downhill section last year, and organizers wanted to prevent another such occurrence.
Thankfully, there were no incidents like that today. But Yak Attack is tough, and every day throws a curve-ball, and tests the limits of at least one of the riders. 
Today's stroke of bad luck was for American Brian Sweat who had to deal with multiple punctures, and then nausea and dizziness. Despite the hiccups, he did make it to the finish line.
Tomorrow we get on the Annapurna circuit, hitting the colder stages. A new day, new challenges to deal with, and renewed vigor and energy. 
Our jeep driver Deepak dai is already on his way to Kathmandu and we have to make alternate transport arrangements. Hiking should also start soon.
For additional photos, visit our TNF Yak Attack Day 4, FB page
CREDITS: STORY: Sunil C. Sharma (Part I), Mamata Pokharel (Part II); Photos: Samir Jung Thapa, Sunil C. Sharma; Graphics: Bishnu Baniya, Prabin Koirala; Page Updates: Aparajita Acharya; Backend Support: Aparajita Acharya, Anugya Mishra.



A Village Curious About Yak Attack

What was Day 3 of Yak Attack like? Well, more heat, and even more dust. This section had quite a few buses, trucks, and even a bulldozer plying the dirt road, kicking up a cloud of dust in their wake.
The race today was from Dhading Besi to Gorkha. However, a suspension bridge midway meant that our jeep had to make the trip to Gorkha first, and then come via the finish line to the middle of the race track.
That meant that we had to wake up at 5 am. Which we did.
All that early dash though went to waste when we got to the dirt track which had a broken-down bus smack in the middle, blocking the way. 
We did eventually get on our way, and got to a village with a big shady peepal tree. The spot was somewhat of a village meeting point, and as soon as the medical team set up shop, we started getting surrounded by the curious inhabitants of the village, especially the children. 
On finding out that the Yak Attack was a 15 day race, an old lady asked me why foreigners wanted to do such crazy things: "Don't they have families?" 
Another lady had heard that foreigners have cards that gives them money anywhere in the world. She wanted to know if it was true.
I explained to her that they too have to earn the money first, and then put it in a bank account.
"Oh," she laughed, "I thought they kept getting money, just like that."
A kid who cycles 10 kilometers uphill "on a gearless bike" to school every day ventured that he might be able to beat the riders. I told him he probably could, and he should talk to Ajaya Narsingh Rana, the coach of the Nepali National Team.
Ajaya is riding at the back, taking care of the riders on this year's Yak Attack. However, by the time Ajaya had arrived alongside Brit Neil Cottam, the kid had disappeared. 
Everyone in the village was especially impressed with Narayan Gopal, who arrived again, well ahead of the rest of the riders. "I ran downstairs from my house to look, but by the time I got out, he was gone!" explained third grader Sugam.
"Is he Nepali?" He wanted to know.
For more photos, visit our TNF Yak Attack Day 3 Facebook Page: 



FIRST. Narayan Gopal Maharjan (Nepal) Sponsored by: ED Menzies - Duration: 2:20:57 (Hr:Min:Sec)

SECOND. Yuki Ikeda (Japan) - Duration: 2:32:03 (Hr:Min:Sec)

THIRD. Ajay Pandit Chetri (Nepal) Sponsored by: ED Menzies - Duration: 2:35:10 (Hr:Min:Sec)


Roan Tamang (Nepal) Sponsored by: Team New Zealand Gene Colon + Friends - Duration: 2:37:22 (Hr:Min:Sec)

Jeremy Soawyer (Australia) - Duration: 2:39:16 (Hr:Min:Sec)

Aayaman Tamang (Nepal) Sponsored by: NorthCentral University P/b Nepali Tea Traders Cycling Team - Duration: 2:42:51 (Hr:Min:Sec)

 Zbigniew Mossoczy (Poland) - Sponsored by: Duration: 2:45:50 (Hr:Min:Sec)

Sonya Looney (USA) - Duration: 2:47:33 (Hr:Min:Sec)

Rajan Bhandari (Nepal) Sponsored by: NorthCentral University P/b Nepali Tea Traders Cycling Team - Duration: 2:49:01 (Hr:Min:Sec)

Jon Sturman (UK) Duration: 2:49:45 (Hr:Min:Sec)


CREDITS: Story: Mamata Pokharel; Photos: Samir Jung Thapa, Sunil Chandra Sharma; Graphics: Bishnu Baniya, Prabin Koirala; Page Updates: Aparajita Acharya; Backend Support: Aparajita Acharya, Anugya Mishra.
The North Face Yak Attack 2013 - Day 2
Rough Roads, Heat and a Strike
March 03 - Dhading Besi
The second day of the Yak Attack started with rumors of a strike in Dhading Besi, our finish line and rest stop for the day. I was going on the sweeper jeep carrying the race's doctors, because yesterday's ride on the van didn't really allow for a good feel of the race.
The group ride to the starting point was a smooth, paved road in a heavily wooded area, making for a nice descent in the shade. 
We went past the starting point, the paved road turning into jeep tracks. We were going to wait for the riders at about halfway, so we kept on going. 
As soon as we got off the jeep at the halfway point, Narayan Gopal, the rider who won Stage 1, zoomed past us, way ahead of the rest of the riders.
Jeremy Soawyer, an Australian rider who had come third place in Stage 1, followed shortly. Unfortunately, we would later find out that Jeremy took a wrong turn soon after, and cycled quite a while uphill before realizing he was on the wrong path. He was "in the zone" and did not hear when some of the villagers shouted to signal he was taking the wrong path. 
Heat and dust was the word of the day, as the riders soldiered on, braving the relentless heat on the climbs. But mountain bikes seemed actually the best mode of transportation here, the motorcycles had to go slowly and carefully on the downhills, and the jeep was bumpy, rough, and slow, throughout.
Stage 2's rider of the day was definitely Matthias Schneider. Matthias had not been feeling well since the previous evening. On the road he became dehydrated and was feeling extremely weak. After a short rest and rehydration at the medic's station, he finished the rest of the course. Most of all, his smile did not vanish at any point during the day.
Everybody made it to the finish line in good time, from where we rode into Dhading Besi as a group, to make it safely through the strike.
The persistent team from Dawn Till Dusk had talked to the district superintendent of police chief about escorting us so we could get to our hotels safely. On we rode, through the quiet streets, with everyone staring at us, a procession of mountain bikes, motorbikes, and jeeps. We turned right at the end of the bazaar into our hotel, where a late lunch was waiting.
So ends Day 2; with brushes with unpredictability, that is so much a part of Nepal, and the resourcefulness that deals with it at the same time.
The race must go on.







For more photos, visit our TNF Yak Attack Day 2 Facebook Page: 


FIRST.  Narayan Gopal Maharjan (Nepal), Sponsored by: ED Menzies - Duration:1:59:39 (Hr:Min:Sec)
SECOND.  Ajay Pandit Chetri (Nepal), Sponsored by: ED Menzies - Duration: 2:12:10 (Hr:Min:Sec)
THIRD.  Aayaman Tamang (Nepal), Sponsored by: NorthCentral University P/b Nepali Tea Traders Cycling Team - Duration: 2:19:45 (Hr:Min:Sec)
Roan Tamang (Nepal) Sponsored by: Team New Zealand Gene Colon + Friends - Duration: 2:20:37 (Hr:Min:Sec)
Yuki Ikeda (Japan) - Duration:2:21:41 (Hr:Min:Sec)
Zbigniew Mossoczy (Poland) - Duration: 2:23:03 (Hr:Min:Sec)
John Stunman (UK) - Duration: 2:25:43 (Hr:Min:Sec)
Robert Burnett (USA) Sponsored by: NorthCentral University P/b Nepali Tea Traders Cycling Team - Duration: 2:26:02 (Hr:Min:Sec)
Keith Green (UK) - Duration: 2:30:35 (Hr:Min:Sec)
Sonya Looney (USA) - Duration: 2:31:02 (Hr:Min:Sec)



CREDITS: Story: Mamata Pokharel; Photos: Samir Jung Thapa, Sunil Chandra Sharma, Mamata; Graphics: Bishnu Baniya, Prabin Koirala; Page Updates: Aparajita Acharya; Backend Support: Aparajita Acharya, Anugya Mishra.




The North Face Yak Attack 2013 Begins

The highest race in the world began in Kathmandu on March 2. The riders, dressed for the hot sun sure to hit later on the race, were feeling the chill.


They biked together from Kathmandu Guest House to the start of the race, in Shivapuri.


We were on the official Yak Attack van, colorful with logos of the various companies that are supporting this amazing event. The riders got on their way, and we, ours.


We made our way to the finish line in the Yak Attack van. The winding steep uphill climb to Nuwakot was no easy maneuvre for the vehicle, so it was surprising to me when we got to the finish line.


Seven  Yak Attack riders were already there, sitting in the shade after the unending pedalling uphill.


Narayan Gopal, having got there first, was already well rested when we got there. The other riders slowly trickled in.


Yak Attack seems to be made up of two groups of riders --- the competitive bikers who zoom past everyone and the ones who have decided to try to complete the race, as a personal challenge given its tough nature.


Some of the riders said they had a hard time on the steep uphill, and had to walk along their bikes, others fell behind on the downhill but then raced past others on the uphill climb.



Eventually, everyone trickled into the Nuwakot Farm House, our home for the night. After a delicious lunch of dal bhat tarkari, everyone was hanging around, enjoying the views.


The incredibly varied group had as many ways of recuperating, some doing yoga poses, some hiking, others stretching, and some even doing push-ups.



Amazing food, amazing people, and amazing views. Yak Attack has begun, just the right way.
Stay tuned.




FIRST. Narayan Gopal Maharjan (Nepal) Sponsored by: ED Menzies - Duration:1:45:38 (Hr:Min:Sec)
SECOND. Ajay Pandit Chetri (Nepal) Sponsored by: ED Menzies - Duration: 1:50:40 (Hr:Min:Sec)
THIRD. Jeremy Soawyer (Australia) - Duration: 1:50:41 (Hr:Min:Sec)
Yuki Ikeda (Japan) - Duration: 1:51:56 (Hr:Min:Sec)
Aayaman Tamang (Nepal) Sponsored by: NorthCentral University P/b Nepali Tea Traders Cycling Team - Duration: 1:57:53 (Hr:Min:Sec)
Roan Tamang (Nepal) SB Team New Zealand Gene Colon + Friends - Duration: 1:59:15 (Hr:Min:Sec)
Sonya Looney (USA) - Duration: 2:00:43 (Hr:Min:Sec)
Mangal Krishna Lama (Nepal) Sponsored by: Keith Green, Jeremy Soawyer - Duration: 2:02:05 (Hr:Min:Sec)
Zbigniew Mossoczy (Poland) - Sponsored by: Duration: 2:02:06 (Hr:Min:Sec)
Robert Burnett (USA) Sponsored by: NorthCentral University P/b Nepali Tea Traders Cycling Team - Duration: 2:06:20 (Hr:Min:Sec)

CREDITS: Story: Mamata Pokharel; Photos: Samir Jung Thapa, Mithila Jariwala, Sunil Chandra Sharma; Graphics: Bishnu Baniya, Prabin Koirala; Page Updates: Aparajita Acharya; Backend Support: Aparajita Acharya, Anugya Mishra.





The North Face Yak Attack 2013 participants briefing concluded at the Kathmandu Guest House. Here are the riders names and their race numbers.



Race No Name Country Category
1 Aayman Tamang Nepal Male
2 Ajay Pandit Chhetri  Nepal Male
3 Andre Deplechin  France Male
4 Andrew Pellowe New Zealand Male
5 Brian Sweat USA Male
6 Des Hendry UK Male
7 Eric Secher Sweden Male
8 Jeremy Soawyer Australia Male
9 Jon Sturman UK Male
10  Keith Green UK Male
11 Kerry Oxenham New Zealand Male
12 Laxmi Magar Nepal Female
13 Mangal Krishna Lama Nepal Male
14 Matthias Schneider Germany Male
15 Narayan Gopal Maharjan Nepal Male
16 Neil Cottam UK Male
17 Peter McUtchen Australia Male
18 Rajan Bhandari Nepal Male
19 Richard Parks UK Male
20 Richard Williams UK Male
21 Roan Tamang Nepal Male
22 Robert Burnett USA Male
23 Santosh Rai Nepal Male
24 Sonya Looney USA Female
25 Stephen Edwards USA Male
26 Steve Edwards UK Male
27 Steve Hammer Australia Male
28 Thor Loechell USA Male
29 Tyler McMahon USA Male
30 Uwe Schoenberger Germany Male
31 Yuki Ikeda Japan Male
32 Zbigniew Mossoczy Poland Male
33 Zoltan Keller Hungary Male

Race Number -2 Ajay Pandit Chhetri








































For More Photos, please check out our Facebook 






The North Face Yak Attack 2013 


International Riders profile

Nepali Riders Profile


The North Face Yak Attack 2013 infographics by Nepalsutra



The Official List of The North Face Yak Attack 2013 Stage Sponsors - Courtesy Extreme World Challenges, UK


List of The North Face Yak Attack 2013 stage sponsors



To all the registered atheletes, officials and volunteers of The North Face Yak Attack 2013 race ...


The North Face Nepal outlet has announced a 15% special discounts on it's brand of gear to you. This offer is available only at The North Face Nepal outlet in Thamel, Kathmandu.

In order to enjoy this offer, you have to be physically present at the store to purchase the items. You may write in early with your query to

Please write to us with your product query and we will coordinate with The North Face about your needs.





The North Face brings to you, Yak Attack 2013, the showdown in the mighty Himalayas of the Annapura circuit.


Dawn till Dusk, Extreme World Challenges and NepalSutra ™ have come together this year as well to make Yak Attack 2013 possible.








A glimpse of Yak Attack as it had happened in 2012:


Concluding Video:     


Introductory Video: