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7 Dec 2015

Head over to the hills for Happy life.   No one is completely happy in the city. It is just that a lot of us are stuck in the cities in search of lucrative jobs or desire to progress. Thousands of youths migrate to the cities every year in search for better lives. ...

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14 Sep 2015

  Are you a Roadie? If you are. You must absolutely do this bicycle trip once in your life. This 4 days road trip brings you from Kathmandu to Bardibas via Sindhuligadhi and then on to Daman via Hetauda to complete the circuit via Naubise road to Kathmandu. You will ride on 5 ...

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22 Dec 2014

Sunil C. Sharma Dhulikhel Lodge Resort 20 December 2014       Winter fog blankets Kathmandu valley on a mid December morning but I am soaking in the first rays of the morning Sun as the dawn breaks slowly illuminating the Northern Himalayan range. The dew on the lily leaves slowly thaw and vaporize as the Sun ...

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16 Sep 2014

Volunteering Trip to Fikkal Ilam Part 3 Part III The game was on! A friendly game was on the plan. I was looking forward to the day and so were the students. A court was needed for the game.  On the day before, the vice-principal, the students and I measured and marked out ...

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2 Sep 2014

Volunteering Trip to Fikkal (14 July – 6 August 2014) Part II   After much rest, I showed up at the school at 10am, the reporting time for all teaching staff and students. There are total of 132 students and about 10 staff in the school, even the Principal and Vice-principal have to teach ...

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