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22 Dec 2014

Sunil C. Sharma
Dhulikhel Lodge Resort
20 December 2014

Dhulikhel Lodge Resort



Winter fog blankets Kathmandu valley on a mid December morning but I am soaking in the first rays of the morning Sun as the dawn breaks slowly illuminating the Northern Himalayan range. The dew on the lily leaves slowly thaw and vaporize as the Sun rays spread the sprawling Zen garden. The spectacular spot from where I am having an Epiphany moment is non-other than Dhulikhel Lodge Resort.  

It was year 1993 when Mr. Prem Kantha Shrestha, a local resident of Dhulikhel started a hotel with just 12 rooms on the slopes of one end of Dhulikhel. Today his establishment boasts 54 rooms, four restaurants and three conference rooms. The resort caters to both international and local clientele providing services of seminar, parties, getaways and retreats.

Famous for its many natural and cultural attractions, Dhulikhel is the choice destination for many locals and foreigners for their leisure and adventure pursuits.  I come here for different reasons. I love to discover moments of inner peace as it provides a perfect setting for it. I have been to Dhulikhel innumerable times but it is always a new experience every single visit.

Dhulilhel Lodge Resort - Photo Nepalsutra

NamoBuddha, a beautiful Tibetan monastery is located merely 12 km from Dhulikhel Bazaar. You have a couple of choices of either hiking for four hours or driving there in one hour.  For the more avid adventurer, you can drive to Bhote Koshi river basin and indulge in activities such as Kayaking, Rafting, Bungee  Jumping or Canyoning. You can reach two of the much revered Palanchok Bhagwati and Chandeshowri temples within few hours of drive. Dhulikhel has rich cultural heritages still alive and active amongst the inhabitants. Notable among them is the majority Newar heritage. Their Jatras and bhojs are worth attending if you happen to be there at the right time.

The best time to visit Dhulikhel? Well, Dhulikhel is for all seasons. You will almost always discover new things here. If not the Mountain View, you still can indulge in activities such as farm visits, village walk and hiking. My favorite activity is to go orange plucking during December and enjoy the fresh juicy oranges. 

Dhulikhel Lodge Resort - Relax by the gardenFinding moments at Dhulikhel Lodge Resort