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17 Feb 2013

Version 2.0


After receiving feedback from a whole lot of users, particularly from India, over the past year; NepalSutra™ has come up with a newer version of its weather app for iPhone and Andriod users.


We have now collaborated with USA to bring weather data for your city. We shall provide you with weather data from around the world and particularly from SAARC countries.


You can also check back with us through your phone, for News from these regions.


Enjoy up-to-date weather information (provided by for your city using Mausam App.



Whether you are in Kathmandu or Kolcutta, Orissa or Dhaka we bring you all the latest weather data the same.






Download FREE Mausam App from Apple Store:


Download FREE Mausam App from Google Play:


Terms & Conditions:


Since the weather data is provided by, we encourage you to read the terms and conditions for using weather data provided by at their site:





Is it going to rain today? Will it be sunny? Should I pack my raincoat or wear an extra layer of sunscreen? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could check this right from your phone, before you leave the house. But I’m in Nepal, and that kind of real-time information is too much to ask for, no?

Nepal Weather App by NepalSutra



Not anymore. From the team that brought you NepalSutra™ comes Mausam, offering up-to-date weather information on Nepal.


The app is all you need anywhere in Nepal, with weather information covering all major hubs. You can find information for major regional centers such as Biratnagar, Terathum, Jumla and Nepalgunj, as well as popular destinations like Kathmandu and Pokhara.


Don’t leave home without checking the Mausam.


You can download the App from Apple Store at


Two weeks after the successful launch of the Mausam Nepal weather application on iPhone, Neplsutra now has launched the app for Android devices as well. Get yours FREE at