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7 Dec 2015

Head over to the hills for Happy life.

No one is completely happy in the city. It is just that a lot of us are stuck in the cities in search of lucrative jobs or desire to progress. Thousands of youths migrate to the cities every year in search for better lives. Few are brave enough to break that cycle and reverse that trend and head towards the hills.

Amar Gurung Srijana Farm in PalpaAmar Gurung, a native of Pokhara did exactly that several years earlier. He quit his job as an executive in Kathmandu, banded together with few like-minded friends and headed to the farm. Their initial model was to experiment the farming venture with an intention to supply organic vegetables to the market in Kathmandu. After few trial and errors in Budhanilkantha with animal farming, they headed west to the sunny hill of Palpa District.


Srijana Farm Palpa

Srijana farm, located just 13 kilometers from Tansen Bazaar off Arghakhachi highway is spread over 40 Acres of land. The sprawling farm houses 20 cows, 100 Goats and few hundred chickens at any given time. The organic farm is experimenting with agro tourism model to sustain and grow its base. They believe in adding value of the local produce for consumption by tourists hence raising the margin for local produce rather than send them off to be sold in the markets via middlemen.


NepalSutra visited them in December 2015 to learn about their Agro-Tourism model and returned very pleased to have experienced their unsurpassed hospitality, not to mention the sumptuous fresh organic food. We would have liked to stay for a night and experience their newly built traditional styled hut for a night but we had to move on to the next destination.


We absolutely recommend anyone visiting Palpa, Srinagar or Gulmi to make a visit to Srijana Farm and enjoy what they have to offer. You will enjoy the wholesome experience of mountain village and learn few good men’s desire to bring opportunities closer to the villages.


Contact Amar Gurung – 9841419943 /

Story and Photographs : Sunil C. Sharma

Organic food at Srijana Farm Palpa

Srijana Organic Farm in Palpa Nepal

Visit Srijana Farm for organic produce