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19 Jun 2014

Did you ever think about taking time out from traffic, noise, people and dust? Are you tired of the city and looking for some quality time to clear your mind and soul?


You can easily do that right in the middle of Kathmandu city if you decide to walk into the Garden of Dreams.


The Garden of Dreams is located between the former King’s Palace, Narayanhiti, and the entrance to the very touristic Thamel.


Behind a high wall, you seem to enter the paradise far away from the ever busy Kathmandu. The area is not very big but full of trees, plants, flowers and nice places to sit and relax. There is a lovely restaurant called Kaiser Café as well as a bar, both hosted by Dwarika’s Hotel.

They offer drinks, cocktails as well as delicious food. Compared to the local restaurants these restaurant and bar inside the Garden of Dreams are quite expensive but they perfectly fit the atmosphere. You will see people taking photos in the garden posing against its beautiful architecture and lush greenery, people hanging out and couples talking to each other sitting on benches placed against and quite hidden behind shrubs and big trees. There’s even a small gallery display of pictures from the garden, of many decades ago and in comparison to what the garden looks like today.


I was told by a visitor there that the garden plans to eventually have lots of seasonal fruit trees so the trees in the garden will be bearing fruit throughout the year. In the afternoon, the Garden usually gets crowded.


After school hours, lots of students enter the place and hang out with friends and take pictures for themselves posing in the garden.


I was quite interested to see some of these students use their creativity to come up with exciting pictures.



If you are staying in Kathmandu for a while you should definitely visit this place. The noise of the traffic magically disappears when you are within the walls of this garden and you shall discover a totally new side of Kathmandu city.


Take your time to eat, drink something and have a relaxing good time.


Story & Photography: Christian Wilk


(Christian Wilk is a German citizen, currently working as a photography intern, under the guidance of professional photographer Mr. Kumar Ale at NepalSutra™).