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10 Oct 2013

We were 13 of us when we left Chitwan. 2 more friends joined us, and with a group of 15, our Fam Trip (familiarization trip) continued from the flatlands of Chitwan to the mountains of Pokhara.


Pokhara felt like stepping into an air-conditioned space after the heat of Chitwan. Climbing some considerable flight of stairs on one side of the hill, we arrived at the dining/bar/lobby area, all rolled into one.


We were received by chilled iced tea and warm hospitality. The perfect combination.


Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge, perched on the Hill top, is half-an-hour ride away from Lakeside.


The place has little cottages spread over the entire hill; all of them have 2 stories, with one big room in each story.


A lovely little infinity pool lies on the other side of the hill. It surely looks like a little perfect piece of heaven!


After our memorable stay in Tiger Tops Chitwan, we reached Pokhara’s facility around 3 o’clock. Nepali lunch was waiting for us.


Following lunch, some of us spent the late afternoon dipping in the infinity pool that would, on a clear day, look out to the Fishtail and Annapurna mountain range.


Unfortunately, the mountains were not visible just then. Others just loitered around in the lobby, trying to catch up with the world of internet. The connection was sporadic but after being disconnected from the virtual world for 2 days, the technology felt greatly accomplishing.


Prior to dinner, I sat in the bar/lobby area and sipped some more iced tea and munched on popcorn.


Dinner was Continental, catering more to the European taste. The staff was warm and beaming as they served us a complete 3 course meal. It was wonderful.


The next morning, some of us went for bird watching while others tried to catch up on some sleep.


The mountains were visible a little more today. I was out in the wide patio looking out to them and enjoying breakfast. After breakfast I joined a group for a short walk that lasted for some 3 hours. We went around the nearby hills with a naturalist who told us about the plants, the places, the butterflies and everything else we encountered along the way.


We came back completely exhausted. Though nothing as harsh as the Chitwan heat, the walk had us soaked up in sweat. We came back and had some more of the awesome iced tea.


A little while later, we had Nepali lunch and left for Lakeside.


A good half-hour shuttle ride took us there. The little area buzzing with cheerful excitement finally made me feel like I was actually in Pokhara.


We took a Pedalo for an hour and then walked around Lakeside immersing in the nostalgic familiarity of the place.


After spending some pleasant time in the heart of Pokhara, we rode back to our abode on the hill top for yet another night.


It was already dark when we got there so we climbed up the stairs to the dining area following the trail of light flickering from our mobile phones.


A couple of drinks and it was time for a scrumptious Continental dinner which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Next morning, the mountains had made themselves majestically visible during early breakfast. So we decided to take a million group photos on its backdrop.


By the time we were done, it was already time to leave Pokhara. All packed and ready, we headed to where our vehicle was waiting. The ride from here onwards, led back home to Kathmandu. 




Story: Aparajita Acharya

Photography: Sunil C. Sharma, Aparajita