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25 Mar 2014



A bus ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara takes some time. Although the distance is only about 200 km, it will take us 6-8 hours on a bus.


The way to Nepal’s geographical center and its second largest city, Pokhara, shows diverse landscape.


We see blossoming trees and vegetation as we cut through hills and mountains on the way.


Rivers widen or turn shallow along the countryside. Pokhara is a nice city next to a lake. It is at the foot of some mountains that offer several activities.


The ultra-light flight allows us a bird’s eye view of beautiful Pokhara and presents the mountains in detail. We can enjoy sunrise in Pokhara from the lakeside or for a more stunning effect, from Sarangkot.


So we decide to fly on the ultra-light early in the morning instead of hiking up to Sarangkot. We get on the first flight, at 7 o’ Clock, which takes off cutting through the mist and the remaining traces of the night.


Flying over the Peace Pagoda, the pilot makes a turn and we fly alongside the Himalayan mountain range.


We see the wind blow snow on the peaks. It is an amazing experience even though we cannot get very close.


The pilot flies another curve and we are directly over the Phewa Lake. The reflection of the rising sun glistens on the water and on colorful boats around the pier. Some fog covers the valley which fits perfectly with this scenery.





“We have to decrease” the pilot’s voice interrupts the moment. We are asked whether we would prefer a slow or a swifter altitude adjustment. ”Swifter!” we decide.


And the plane promptly starts to wind down in a screw-like motion.






After a few seconds the pilot steadies the plane and slowly starts the descent. The thrilling experience ends with a smooth and safe landing.


Later we visit Pokhara’s famous waterfall - the Devi’s Fall which is surrounded by tropical vegetation.


Not far from there is a popular cave called the Gupteshwor Mahadev Gufa.




This cave is connected to Devi’s Fall. Besides all these activities, it feels nice to simply relax by the lake or in one of the cozy cafés alongside it, and enjoy Pokhara before returning to the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu.


Story & Photography: Sonja Marie Michel


(Sonja Marie Michel is a German citizen, currently working as a photography intern, under the guidance of professional photographer Mr. Kumar Ale at NepalSutra™).