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19 Aug 2013



(Places in Pictures, Bouddhanath & Patan)


I have been waiting for four hours in Abu Dhabi for my plane to Kathmandu. The first thirty minutes after leaving my family was quite hard but my need to experience adventure was even bigger.


Getting out of one’s comfort zone is difficult but once in a while, everybody should do it. I cannot manage to understand what excites me in this travel but I don't ask myself too many questions.



I tell myself I am not scared because something tells me it is going to be great and when I come back home, I will have lots of stories to tell.



I choose this country because I have never been to Nepal without my family and I want to discover this land in my own way.



I arrived in Kathmandu. Here I am, on the other side of the planet from home. After leaving my bag in the hostel, I went to pay a small visit to the amazing Buddhist temple next to my hostel, The Bouddhanath Stupa. It was completely extraordinary.



I was amazed by the size of it. And what I found mesmerizing was the four pairs of eyes on each side of the stupa, looking at me to be sure I respect life. Before going to bed, I went to the balcony and just stared at the stars.


I told myself that I was the happiest man in the world. I could see some really nice houses, I was amidst a different culture and a month stretched ahead of me to discover it all. All alone, I ate rice with lentil soup. Here we call it Dal Bhat. The first night, I didn't expect to eat that every day!




I said to myself, why not live here all my life and eat Dal Bhat. I went to sleep just after dinner because I was really tired from the trip.  It was hot and on the streets, dogs, lots of dogs, were barking. I felt very alone and far from my comfort zone, but then it is only for one month and all so exciting.


I woke up at 5:30 in the morning because of the jetlag. So I decided to go for a walk to discover this lovely city, Kathmandu. I have always loved dogs, and in France when I see one, I would go pat it. Here I am hesitant to pat these thin, not very clean street dogs.



There are no garbage bins here, the people just throw things on the floor, and it is a pity because this is such a nice city. Holy cows walk down the street and nobody cares, that is really funny, because I would never see that in my country.



While walking I met a Nepali man, and he invited me to his house, I met his wife and his son, they were so kind and friendly. They offered some tea and biscuits to me for breakfast.  This morning I got a month’s job in Nepal!


I had to go to places in Nepal and take pictures to show how beautiful this country is. In the city I was a little surprised by all the disabled people.



I have to say sadly, this country is poor, but the culture is so different that the people don't care. I wonder if it would be possible to have the same culture around the world. I am sure it would solve a lot of problems but mankind was not made that way.



This morning I woke up a little sad, but after breakfast I went to Patan to take some pictures. The town is magnificent, I think the second nicest town of Nepal, after Pokhara of course (which I visited later).


There is a lot less pollution than in Kathmandu. I stayed all day in the Durbar Square.


I met a guide who made me visit the town and gave me many nice information and stories. I came back home after that. I felt a little bit sick, I think it is because of the pollution.







Story: Oscar Michel

Photography: Kumar Ale


Oscar Michel is a young French Traveler/Photographer. We shall be releasing Oscar's STORY in 3 PARTS ... Stay Tuned ... He shall get you captivated with his incredible  & amusing story telling ...