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30 Aug 2013

Alone in Nepal - PART 3


A friend of my roommate was organising a ritual for his son. He was thirteen and he was passing from the life of a child to the life of a teen ager. The family was so nice. I really love Nepali people, how they think, act and their kindness.


I was fascinated by this ritual because in France we never have any kind of rituals during life. I think it is important to acknowledge the important phases in life because we have only one life.


Well I guess, the idea of one life also depends on different religions.


During this ritual, the uncles of the boy had to shave his head, but not completely. They left a little bit of hair on the crown of the head, because you shave all of it only on the day you lose your parents. The boy then took a big basket and went to all of his relatives who attended the ceremony and they gave him presents.


One night I was invited to a hotel on the ground floor. I stayed right upstairs. There was a French girl and lots of Nepali men. The men made us taste some local whisky, and all evening, we compared our cultures. I found all this very funny. I was also happy to meet a French girl and to speak French after a long time!


This morning I woke up very early to take the bus to Pokhara. During the bus ride, I saw some incredible landscapes. For the first time in my life I did a seven-hour bus trip without being bored once.


I realised that it is not possible to be bored because in life things are interesting. "Nothing" doesn't really exist, there is always “Something”. I think the trick is to find everything interesting. At night I went to eat in a restaurant alone. Then I went to several bars in Lakeside. I really love Pokhara.


During the day I did lots of nice things that made me love this city even more. In the morning I rented a small paddling boat on the lake. I felt really like the king of the world. On my own so far from my boring culture and country. In the afternoon I rented a scooter and went around the lake, it was sunny, very hot and beautiful. Me, my scooter and one of the most wonderful country I have ever went.


Next day, I left for Poon Hill to do a three-day trek. I took a local bus for one hour to Nayapul, and from there I started my trek. In the beginning it was very hard, I had a hard time catching my breath. After one hour of walking, I understood that it is not your body's job to go up there but your mind's.  It was hot because the sun had finally come out. I saw so much of rice plantations, and incredible bridges, while crossing the river. I was really proud of myself for being here all by myself too. I arrived at Hile around 2 o'clock. There was no signal on my mobile phone, so I really felt alone on the planet. it was a little scary. The Guest House was nice, the toilets and the shower were on the other side of the house, so at night it was frightening because there were lots of strange insects and animals. On the second day of my trek, I walked for seven hours. This day was very hard.


During trek, apparently all you do is go up steps. At the end of the day, I had just one wish, to nap. I had arrived in Ghorepani. In the second Guest House, I met Chinese and Dutch people, it was so much fun, we played drinking games all night. I will remember this evening all my life because I was alone, so far from home, meeting people from other cultures, and I love that! The last day I came back down, and it was a very hard day, I walked for 8 hours under a lot of rain. I didn't stop anywhere during those 8 hours because I just wanted to reach the point from where I could take the bus back to Pokhara.


I am very sad not to have continued on the trek because all of my new friends were going to the Annapurna Base Camp, so I told myself that one day I too would go up there. But not during monsoon. In monsoon you don’t see mountains.


Sadly, next day I had to go back to Kathmandu and leave this incredible and beautiful town. Pokhara was so peaceful and relaxing. When you compare it to Kathmandu, you don't want to go back to the capital city!


Sometimes I think about going home. Sometimes I miss my life in France, but I am a little bit scared of going back because here, life is so precious and without any stress.








Story: Oscar Michel

Photography: Oscar Michel


Oscar Michel is a young French Traveler/Photographer. This is the third and the final part of Oscar's Story ... Hope you enjoyed his incredible  & amusing story telling!