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24 Mar 2013



Popularly known as Boudha, it is a very famous touristic site in Kathmandu valley. Also, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is predominantly a Buddhist area.


It is one of my favuorite locations to visit in the valley. I absolutely adore the entire vicinity. The Stupa is always surrounded by the locals and tourists, but even in that chaos, I feel at peace when I am there. No matter how many times I visit Boudha, I am always awe-struck. I especially enjoy observing the old Tibetan men and women constantly praying, either holding the prayer beads or turning the prayer wheel.










The Stupa is fenced by endless rooftop cafes and restaurants that offer a stunning view of this holistic place. I normally avoid commercial touristic sites, but this Stupa is serene and has a distinct charm to it.


One can spend the whole day walking through the tiny lanes and explore this area.


There is a small fee to enter the Stupa for the Tourists (Rs. 40 for SAARC Countries and Rs. 150 for the rest). A trip to Boudhanath is highly reccommended.


You can book different types of half-day tours through NepalSutra, depending on the following choice;


Bouddhanath - Pashupatinath - Bhaktapur

Bouddhanath - Pashupatinath - Patan

Bouddhanath - Kathmandu Durbar Square


Text & Images: Mithila Jariwala