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27 Mar 2013


This festival of colours is one of my favourite. After spending Holi in India and Singapore, I was eagerly awaiting this festival and looking forward to celebrating it in Kathmandu.


If you do not know what Holi is all about, let me fill you up. Without going much into any ancient details, let me tell you that it is a Hindu festival that falls every year in the later half of the month of March. On this day, everybody celebrates by throwing colours at each other.


I was warned by friends to beware of flying water balloons while walking the streets. But I was lucky enough to not be a victim. The kids started to celebrate a day in advance, where very innocently they would attack each other with water balloons and colours.


And then arrived the day of Holi, when I woke up to the tunes Bollywood music playing out loud in almost every house in my neighbourhood. Not a single soul had clear face, if somebody did, they wouldn’t be spared.


Everybody started to play Holi early in the morning. By noon I accompanied a few friends to a club where they had organized a Holi Party. It was very fancy with a professional music band and sprinklers all over. It was a nice warm day to be outdoors playing with colours and water. 


Later, with our multi-coloured faces and clothes, we went around the city riding on the motorbikes. Every person on the street seemed very cheerful, making the whole atmosphere very joyous.


All in all, it was a fun day outdoors enjoying the festival, eating, drinking and being merry.


If you happen to be in Nepal or India around this time, do make sure don’t miss out on this exotic festival.


I was extremely lucky to have water in my tank to shower later, unlike some of my friends, who ran out of water, as the whole city was using excess amounts of water all day.


A few tips for your next Holi:


  • Since, some people play holi with hard colours that are not easy come off, it is advisable to oil your hair and apply body lotion, which will let you rinse off the colour easily later.
  • Also, it goes without saying, but you must wear old clothes on this day, which you can just through away once the festival is over.
  • Lastly, be safe and enjoy the festival.


Text & Images: Mithila Jariwala