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23 Jan 2013


Self portrait with Krishna Dai


I can’t stop emphasizing on the fact that the Nepalese are extremely warm people and always ready to help. No matter where you go, a big city or a remote village in the Western Terai.


One such heartfelt experience I had on my trip to Simikot. Although being the headquarters of Humla district, it is a village. The moment I landed I was introduced to Lokeshwar dai, a very punctilious middle aged man who works at the Simikot airport. As I was travelling alone, he took the responsibility to help me out and show me around. But due to work, he assigned his brother Krishna dai, who also spoke fluent Hindi, to guide me through the village. Krishna dai ushered me through the entire stretch of the village very patiently. Along the way he familiarized me with facts about the village and introduced me to many people. I would stop by and interact with the villagers on the way, who greeted me with a smile on their face. They all seemed happy and content in spite of their difficult conditions. Later in the evening, I had dinner with both Lokeshwar dai and Krishna dai and couple of other villagers, over some interesting conversations. There was not a single moment of discomfort.


Lokeshwar dai treated me like his daughter. In a world, when strangers are overly nice, it becomes hard to believe their geniality, and difficult to trust. But, he was extremely kind and genuine.  They sincerely wanted to help me without expecting any favours or money in return. In fact, Lokeshwar dai was persistent on not letting me pay for dinner.


I have met many friendly people in my travels, but this was the most touching experience of all.


I regret that I could not have a picture with Lokeshwar dai as I had to leave Simikot in a rush. But that gives me a reason to go back.


Simikot is a place worth travelling to. It is by far the most gorgeous place I have been to in Nepal as yet. And the warmth of the people made this experience even more memorable. If you are the kind of traveller who likes to live amongst the locals, this place will surprise you with its sincere hospitality.


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Text and Images: Mithila Jariwala