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25 Mar 2013


Riding my way through Kathmandu















With Calvin Harris pumping in my ears,

The motorbikes and cars,

Honking in the background,

I ride my way through,

The chaos in the city.

I go zig zag on the streets,

While the other vehicles

Move like arteries,

I feel like a character

From 3D PS3.


The sun is now beaming while the cold wind blows, yes Spring has set in. And, a mountain bike is the best way to get around the valley. You can easily escape the traffic, get your doze of regular exercise and keep the environment healthy.


Having said that, if you are not used to the chaotic traffic of the city, you might want to be careful and go-slow. There is absolutely no order on the roads, vehicles honk all the time and overtake from any side, no one follows any lane rules and somehow, that’s the reason why I enjoy riding in this city.


Text & Images: Mithila Jariwala