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12 Jul 2013


It is a known fact that the music scene in Kathmandu is incredible. The country offers a plethora of amazing cultural musicians and bands. Kathmandu hosts some amazing musical concerts. Earlier in Kathmandu: A plethora of art & culture, I had spoken about concerts held in open public places in the valley. Here I will talk about some cafes & bars in the city that host some of the most wonderful concerts. Time and again they encourage and invite traditional Nepalese artists as well as international artists to perform.


Here are some places you must look up while you are visiting or living in Kathmandu.


  • The first is The House of Music


Established in 2008, House of Music, not only hosts live shows featuring popular bands like Mukti N Revival, 1974 AD, Albatross, Kutumba etc., but also encourages upcoming musicians and underground artists. Moreover, they conduct slam poetry and other creative events. Fridays and Saturdays usually host mega events whereas the weekdays come with open mic nights.

House of Music is located in Thamel, next to the GAA Hall. It has cash only open bar and outdoor terrace seating.


  • Next on the list is Moksha


Moksha is an excellent bar run by a musician. Located in Jhamsikhel, also known as Jhamel, in the Patan area, Moksha has some of the best live rock, funk, folk and jazz music in the valley. They host concerts not just by standard cover bands but also by many budding musicians and artists. Watch out for some great live music at Moksha on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Over and above, Moksha has it all - good food, great ambience and some of the best live music in town.



  • The final name (at least for now) on our list is The Yellow House


The Yellow House is a bed and breakfast located in a peaceful residential area in Sanepa, Lalitpur. The Yellow House, opened in September 2012, is the youngest of all the places being suggested here. It has a beautiful natural outdoor ambience, where they have been hosting LIVE Gypsy Jazz concert by the most amazing Hari Maharjan. Apart from this, they also often host slam poetry and photography showcasing events.

The Yellow House is a daytime place. Most of their events are hosted during the day and over the weekends. It shall be the perfect way to spend your Saturday in the midst of nature, relishing good food.



- Mithila Jariwala