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18 Jul 2013

Momos are one of the first food items one tries when people arrive in Nepal. It feels like momos are (though not officially so!) the national dish in Nepal. You will find momos in every nook and corner of Kathmandu Valley.


But what stands out from the regular momos, are the open-momos, which are available just in a select number of places, and also at Ghangri Café in Lalitpur. Away from the touristic area of Thamel and much closer to Jhamshikhel (also known as Jhamel), Ghangri Café is located right across the Maruti Suzuki showroom in Pulchowk. Ghangri Café has been famous for their open-momos ever since their establishment in 2004.



Ghangri offers a peaceful and spacious ambience with outdoor as well as indoor seating. They also have a small cozy dining room with Japanese style seating. They have a varied menu, which is priced very reasonably. The Ghangri Café is almost synonymous to open-momos. They are an unusual variety of momos that look like budding flowers with four openings. You can order these steamed open-momos in Vegetarian, Chicken and Buff meat. These momos are served with peanut sauce, momo achar (tomato chutney) and a tangy and spicy chili sauce. You can pour these sauces in the four openings and relish your momos.


Once you try these momos once, I guarantee that you will definitely pay The Ghangri Café, another visit. 


Text & Image: Mithila Jariwala