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1 Dec 2013

Shree Rastrya Nimna Madhayamik Vidhayalaya


Ramphok, Fikkal



We had a chance to visit Ramphok village in Fikkal Ilam on a balmy December afternoon and be with the wonderful kids of Shree Rastrya Nimna Madhatamik Vidhalaya. We arrived at the school premises in the midst of their Tiffin break. But really, you know what Tiffin break means for these kids? A chance to play whatever they could lay their hands on. We observed younger kids were playing with makeshift football made out of rolled jute sack in the shape of a football.



Another group of senior female students were engaged in a real football playoff. We noticed the referee was a student as well. We saw some pretty disciplined but entertaining game of football. Later on we asked a teacher why a student referees. He told us they wanted to give a chance to a student to be responsible and have a respect for each other. Indeed, we need to give chance to our young ones to lead and learn by themselves.



We believe it is schools like Shree Rastrya NMV, which make a huge difference in producing next generation leaders of this country and bring about greater change in our society. But for now, we need to help thousands of schools like these who are in dire need of better resources.


Story & Photography : Sunil Chandra Sharma