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6 May 2013



The Embers Restaurant in Krishna Galli, Pulchowk, Lalitpur is a modern, multi-cuisine restaurant best known for its eclectic menu.


The restaurant is spacious with an outdoor lounge and tastefully designed modern interior which boasts supreme attention to detail. You already anticipate the same simplicity and perfectionism to extend to your food. And it does.


Expert chef Gokarna Giri has 25 years of enviable experience working in the kitchens of elite hotels and restaurants in Kathmandu. At Embers, he has put together an international menu, each embellished with a Nepali touch,  that is sure to please any palate.


cocktails at the embers restaurant


We started off with the crispy tangy potato, which came with the right amount of crisp. And the right amount of bite, sending us straight into potato heaven.


We moved on to the vegetable platter, which was a delight. An artfully done Middle Eastern/ Nepali blend, the starter came with the regular pita, hummus, chickpeas and babaganoush.


However, there were additional sides accomodating Nepali tastes. A side dish of green peas with chopped onions to remind you of those delicious roadside snacks, lightly fried button mushrooms that remind you of Mom’s kitchen, and potatoes dotted with crispy fried garlic. Mmmm.


By the time we moved on to the Embers salad, we were ready for pleasant surprises from the food at Embers. This organic signature salad came packed, with ham, bacon, chicken, pickles and everything decadent. We could not linger on it for too long though, for we had to move to our other dish: Chicken Florentine.


The dish, a spin on chicken cordon bleu, was temptingly presented. Digging into it, we were pleasantly surprised by the tender juicy meat and fillings.


Embers is planning to have about 40 items on the menu, a blend of European, Continental and Chinese tastes, with a Nepali touch. Whatever you are craving, they will likely be able to accommodate you.


The bar here also does not disappoint. The cocktails and mocktails are both delicious. 


crispy tangy potato

No wonder it is a draw for large groups. Even before its official opening, Embers has already accommodated large groups of over 200, and look forward to hosting more.



With a lavish private dining room, a private karaoke lounge, an outdoor terrace, and a bar area, Embers can comfortably seat 150 people. And it can accommodate each person’s individual taste. So, next time you are with a group of friends, be sure to check out Embers, you are sure to have a blast.


Review: Mamata Pokharel

Photos: Mithila Jariwala