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NepalSutra Social Initiative

NepalSutra Social Initiative

NepalSutra™ has designed a separate segment catering to Social Travelers and Philanthropists. This is for those of you, who wish to learn about Nepal, from its various factual statistics to its artistic, cultural ways.


Also, since knowledge on Nepal shall not be complete without being familiar with the ongoing initiatives of advancing this country, its people and the organizations supporting these initiatives; NepalSutra™ has designed a separate title under which social initiatives are listed.


Here, we shall be exclusively featuring social service/ development organizations, actively working in Nepal. It wouldn’t be otherwise to say that we provide a common marketing platform for all socially active organizations, big or small to showcase their profile and initiatives. 


If you wish your organization to be listed here, we’re requesting on your part to help us complete this segment. Do not hesitate to write to us at info@nepalsutra.com.


NepalSutra™ is the very first of its kind for Nepal and a technical boost to our tourism industry. We’re covering all areas we feel we should; and we thank you for being an important part of it!


Our app is also available for free on  and