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Fewa Thakali Kitchen

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Lakeside, Pokhara
Restaurant Type
Restaurants & Cafe in Pokhara
Signature Dishes
Nepali Khana Set, Cunchhemba (Buckwheat chips), Mustang Aloo Dameko (Grilled)
Authentic Thakali Cuisine
Opening Hours
9:30 A.M. - 10:30 P.M.
Recommended For
Tourists, Locals and Casual Gatherings
Total Table Capacity
Price Range
Rs 290 - Rs 450
Service Charge
Telephone Number
Year Opened

Fewa Thakali Bhanchha in Lakeside is an authentic Thakali restaurant best known for its Nepali Khana Set. Additional items popular on the menu are its Cunchhemba (buckwheat chips), Mustang Aaloo Dameko (Grilled) and Cheli Set.
The place has seating arrangement indoors, outdoors and on the terrace. Fewa Thakali Bhanchha can easily accommodate a reasonably sized crowd of 65 people. The restaurant is tastefully arranged with Tailiya tiles, wooden furnishings and Thakali decorations.
The bar has a selection of liquor, both local and imported brands. During special occasions, the place puts up festive decorations. Fewa Thakali Bhanchha also has free WiFi. The place is recommended for casual gatherings, lunches and dinners.
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